Today I plan to go hunt down some Pokemon gyms/stops, go to GFS to buy some gloves, garbage bags, and dinner rolls, and then give Donna from the 2nd floor $25 for a computer monitor she is trying to get rid of.  Then I'm going to move my spare computer from one desk to another.  That will take some time, so I'll probably take a nap at some point.  I've already called the doctor's office where to took my neuropsych testing and mentioned that there is some factuallly incorrect data in the report.  We are supposedly going to fix that when I see someone to translate the results on the 9th.  


Today I slept a lot after trying to get AHS to give me some money for the inproper work their technicians did (it cost me a lot of money).  I was basically told there was nothing I could do, and because the tech said there was no problem with my air conditioning (which there was), they had to go by that.  I also uploaded a "Let's Play" video to YouTube.  For some reason, we received a copyright notice.  I asked them to provide additional details.  I tried to walk around Celery Flats at about 10 PM, but apparently they close the gates when it gets dark out.  I guess that makes sense.  


I'm all sorts of tired today. I called Sleep Health yesterday to hopefully have in an increase in my dosage, but they have not called back yet.  I'm also still waiting to receive the doctor's note from Dr. Walden stating that my PTSD is work related. I called and left a voicemail yesterday and asked her, if at all possible, to send it to my by noon today so I could share it with Dr. Howard.  It's 12:34 now, and I have not received it.  I really want to get the notes from the doctors all set so I can begin the worker's compensation process.  

On Friday I am going to review the results of my Neuropsych testing, and there are several factual errors on the report that I need to address.  I spoke with the receptionist, and she said that even though I would be seeing someone else, the doctor will be there and will come into our meeting to discuss the issues.  I am also concerned about the fact that insurance isn't paying for much of the testing.  I have a feeling that they are going to try to make me pay for it, even though I was specifically told, on more than one occasion, that it would not cost anything.  I called their office about a week before my appointment to confirm, and the receptionist (who had somehow lost my info), called Cigna.  She called me back about 3 hours later and said it was 100 percent covered and that I wasn't even going to have to give a copay.  Now the insurance company says differently.  I clearly can't pay $2600, but I also can't be confrontational while my testing summary remains incorrect (I want them to change things, and if I'm a pain then they may not do so even if they are incorrect.)

After my appointment on Friday, I have to drive to South Haven for my cousin's wedding.  If I have medication that will help me stay awake, I will likely have a good time.  Otherwise, the weekend I'm spending there may be an unpleasant experience for me.

Yesterday I looked into the procedure for arbitration for AHS, and it appears to be more expensive for them to do than to just give me what I want.  I don't know if I have the energy for it with all this other stuff going on, but I may call their legal department and at least find out if they would be willing to discuss some form or reasonable repayment without having to spend all the money arbitration requires.  I probably can't handle that at this point anyway.

I see Dr. Howard today, and I hope I will feel better after our visit.  I'm not sure what we will discuss, but I definitely want to share my test results with him.  I also need to let him know that Dr. Walden is ordering a Brain MRI after seeing the results.

I received a copyright notice on a video I uploaded to YouTube, and dealing with that will also be frustrating.  It's a video game playthrough which tons of people do, and I'm confused why it was flagged.  I sent Google and email asking for more details; hopefully they respond.

My sister and brother-in-law is coming into town today, and that is a good thing.  Bethany is going to help me prepare meal plans that I will be able to follow, and that will be nice too.  

Apparently I decided to put some written stuff here.  Some is from a while ago, well before I planned on a website, but it is here anyway.  Because it can be.  There may be some additional material along the way, depending on what life has in store for me.  I'll probably put some of my therapy homework here as well, because then it will have its own home.  And nobody will likely ever visit here.  And if they do, they are welcome to check out what most people would consider personal.

Some Journal Entries from 2015